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I am a former Marine and one-time evolutionary biologist and agnostic who was called by the grace of God to become a Christian and preaching minister. I have served churches in Oklahoma, New Jersey, and I currently serve as a preaching minister in Plymouth, Michigan. My interests are in Systematic Theology, Reformation and Post-Reformation Church History, Christian Apologetics, and Creation Science.

The Dowlings: Matthew, Rachel, Gabriel, Gideon, Trinity, and Abram

Saul Bellow, in the foreword to Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind, wrote: “Tell me where you come from and I’ll tell you what you are.” OK, then. I am from a great variety of places and am many things—a husband, father, student, researcher, scholar, a former Marine, an Oklahoman—and above all else—simply Christian. The variety of my background experiences have tended to help me “become all things to all men." 

With a couple of my "friends" in Panama on Barro Colorado Island,
where I was working as an ant biologist in the summer of 2005.

With an Azteca ant nest
I have been blogging since 2004. My initial foray into the blogosphere was a science blog called "Ontogeny." It was a blog mostly about ants, and that was really cool (note the photo on the left of me with an Azteca "carton" nest in Panama). Talk about a niche market! I wrote mostly from within the culture of science in those days, sharing my experiences as an evolutionary biologist and myrmecologist. Those were heady days. That blog enjoyed a spirited following until I closed shop over there in early 2008. Why did I close shop? Because I had fallen in love with theology, after falling in love with God, and I wanted to write about it. This blog is the result.

With William Lane Craig, November 2010
With my son Gideon at the grave of Jonathan Edwards
at the Princeton Cemetery
With Dr. Millard Erickson, systematic theologian, March 2017
My pastoral study where I do most of my writing