Monday, August 19, 2013

A (Brief) Academic Take on My New iPad...and how I'm using it.

I've joined the world of mobile computing...and can confidently say I will never go back. I bought the latest iPad (with retina display) and am thoroughly enjoying it.

So, what am I doing with it so far?

Well, I'm trying to figure out what it does BEST. There are helps out there. Lots of good helps out there. Lots. What have I learned so far? Well, I've learned that for PRODUCING knowledge, information, writing, etc. you can't beat the Macbook Pro. One really needs that platform for writing and doing the bulk of research. So, obviously the iPad will not be a replacement for that. 

But what I'm finding is that what the iPad does best is REPLACE paper. Meaning, anything that I have previously done (read a morning paper, magazine, journal, PDFs, etc.) is 1000x more pleasurable on the iPad. I think Apple finally figured out how to pull me away from paper. 

Also, I preach and teach from the iPad. Having the ability to store docs in the iCloud means I have my stuff with me wherever I go. 

Having my entire Logos Bible Software and Kindle and Sente libraries accessible on the iPad means I'm carrying around 2/3 of my library wherever I go. Changing the oil in the truck? No problem--I'll read some journal articles while I wait. Need to do some social media updating for the church? No problem, I can do that too. Need to take notes in the latest elder's meeting. No problem, I use Penultimate for the iPad and my new stylus. Voila! Saved those notes away for later...

I haven't even mentioned Evernote, DevonThink Pro, MindNode, etc. and how they will be used in my life on the iPad.

Which means that the iPad in a thousand little ways I have not articulated--is absolutely helpful for productivity. 

Does it replace my Macbook Pro? Nope. And I don't think it ever will. Academics need a laptop. Period. We must write and the iPad is not a great writing platform (though for quick little email, etc. it functions well). But the iPad does what it does in a great way.

I say it again, iPad replaces paper in my life. And that so far has been huge.