Monday, May 12, 2014

Syndicate: A New Forum for Theology

File under: Just passing this along in case you haven't seen it. I'm not directly involved in this venture, but am excited by what it represents.

SYNDICATE IS HERE! The Syndicate staff, along with our fantastic contributors, are very pleased to announce the official launch of what we hope will become "a new forum for theology." Our goal is to provide you with a novel and unique space for theological discussion, starting this week with our much anticipated, inaugural panel on Ephraim Radner's A Brutal Unity with essays from luminaries such as William T. Cavanaugh, Paul R. Hinlicky, Timothy J. Furry, and Peter Ochs. 

Please note, though, that this is a "soft launch," as this symposia stages a conversation which was previously held at the American Academic of Religion annual meeting in 2013. Therefore, this first symposium will not include live commenting between the panelists.

Take note of what's happening now,  what's on its way, and how you can participate.....

How you can participate:

Comment during Symposia

While there will not be live comments between the panelists in the inaugural symposia, we are eager for open dialogue. Our hope is to foster a space agreement and irenic dissent and critique, so we encourage you to share your thoughts on our social media sites. 

Spread the Word

If you have friends or colleagues who share your interest in theology, let them know about Syndicate.

Share and Retweet

If one of the posts, images, or comments we add to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ resonates with you, please share or retweet it. 

Write Your Own Post

If you really want to give Syndicate a boost, we encourage you to post our address ( to your own social network and encourage them to visit the site themselves. 

Invite Your Friends

The most time consuming, but perhaps the most effective way to promote is to take five minutes and invite friends you think would be interested in Syndicate to 'like' our Facebook page.