Saturday, January 16, 2016

Matthew Henry's Outline for Adoring God in Prayer

From Matthew Henry, Method for Prayer, in Works, 2:4–12.

I. Address the Infinitely Great and Glorious Being
A. With Holy Awe and Reverence
B. Distinguishing Him from False Gods 
II. Reverently Adore God as Transcendently Bright and Blessed
A. The Self-Existent, Self-Sufficient, Infinite Spirit
B. His Existence Indisputable
C. His Nature beyond Our Comprehension
D. His Perfection Matchless
E. Infinitely Above Us and All Others In particular, adore the Lord as:
1. Eternal, Immutable
2. Present in All Places
3. Perfect in His Knowledge of All
4. Unsearchable in Wisdom
5. Sovereign, Owner, and Lord of All
6. Irresistible in Power
7. Unspotted in Purity and Righteousness
8. Always Just in His Government
9. Always True, Inexhaustibly Good
10. Infinitely Greater than Our Best Praises 
III. Give God the Praise of His Glory in Heaven

IV. Give Him Glory as Our Creator, Protector, Benefactor, and Ruler

V. Give Honor to the Three Distinct Persons of the Godhead

VI. Acknowledge Our Dependence on Him and Obligation to Our Creator

VII. Declare God to be Our Covenant God Who Owns Us

VIII. Acknowledge the Inestimable Favor of Being Invited to Draw Near to Him

IX. Express Our Unworthiness to Draw Near to God

X. Profess Our Desire for Him as Our Happiness

XI. Profess Our Hope and Trust in His All-Sufficiency

XII. Ask God to Graciously Accept Us and Our Poor Prayers

XIII. Pray for the Assistance of the Holy Spirit in Our Prayers

XIV. Make the Glory of God as the Highest Goal of Our Prayers

XV. Profess Our Reliance on the Lord Jesus Christ Alone.