Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Strengthened by Grace (Ep. 3) - Who is Jesus?

There are vast numbers of portraits of Jesus in the art galleries of this world. These images are often so conflicting that they offer little help in achieving an accurate picture of what Christ looked like during the period of His incarnation. So, who is Jesus?

Well, no person in history has provoked as much study, criticism, prejudice, or devotion as Jesus of Nazareth. The titanic influence of this man makes Him a chief target of the arrows of criticism and a prime object of revision. For that reason, the portrait of the historical Jesus has been altered to suit the fancies of those seeking to line Him up on their side, to make of Him an ally in a host of militant causes, many of which are mutually exclusive. In the theologian’s laboratory, Jesus is treated like a chameleon; He is forced to adapt to the backdrop painted by the theologian. We'll discuss this problem and more on the latest episode of Strengthened by Grace.