Friday, August 3, 2018

PODCAST: PreacherCast Episode 3 - 8/3/18 "What's Happened to Evangelism?"

This is episode three of THE PREACHER CAST, and today we'll see what preachers need to do when they are not "feeling it"; consider what a man who has 24 children by 11 women says about our world; we'll chat about the Canadian man who changed his gender to save money on car insurance; we will look at a research article which demonstrates one of the great problems of evolution — the lack of transitional fossils. Then we'll consider a recent survey by Crossway publishing about how people read the Bible. Finally, we'll consider a new book on Christian ethics by Wayne Grudem. Later in the show's MAIN SEGMENT, we'll consider the decline of evangelism among churches today and the rise of social issues and the social gospel in evangelicalism.