Friday, September 7, 2018

PreacherCast Episode 8 - 9/7/18 - "Monkeying with the Meaning"

This is episode eight of THE PREACHER CAST, and today we'll consider the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh; the smear campaign against Colorado baker Jack Phillips; we'll look at the philosophy behind some Islamic enclaves in the United States and how it led to the tragedy just last August of an Islamic compound in New Mexico; then we'll hear how you can talk to an atheist with lots and lots of questions and consider how to share the gospel with them. We'll look at whether Genesis 1 is a literal historical fact or just a framework, and we'll talk about the ongoing saga of American Pastor Andrew Brunson who is being held captive in Turkey. Next, we'll look at a courageous sermon from an unlikely source as we consider the ongoing priest abuse scandal rocking the Catholic Church worldwide (watch the recommended sermon here: We have several resources to recommend: 1) First, an excellent historical work on the famous Scopes "Monkey" Trial; 2) a great journal to subscribe to in order to follow creationism research; 3) the pleasure of reading on the Kindle Paperwhite. Later in the show's MAIN SEGMENT, we'll consider who in the Evangelical world is monkeying around with the opening chapter of Genesis in a segment titled "Monkeying with the Meaning."