Friday, November 9, 2018

Mankind Needs a Savior

"This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all" (1 John 1:5).

Much of ancient paganism said that human beings were images of animals, which is why animals symbolized their gods. Other forms of ancient paganism dissociated the gods from animals but reduced the gods to the immoral level of ordinary human beings. Modern secular humanism says that man evolved up from animals. None of these presents a very flattering view of man. Only biblical faith takes the man seriously and says that he is the image-bearer of a holy and perfect God.

God is perfectly holy and demands that His creation be perfect also. Since most everyone admits no one is perfect, what are our options? Some foolishly deny our imperfection and proclaim our perfection. Another option is to rationalize our imperfections and minimize our sin. Yet another way is to assume that God is not perfect; that way, God will not be upset by some of our imperfections.

If we understand ourselves at all, though we know this will not work. We know intuitively that we are estranged from the holy God, and that because God is holy and perfect. He cannot negotiate with sin. Thus, the only way we can escape is to come up with a God that is not holy.

The basic message of Christianity is that mankind needs redemption. We need a savior to enter into the human condition. We need someone who can deal with the radically depraved core of our nature and make us righteous.

The basic issues that Christianity addresses are not morality and liturgy, but the problem of our guilt. Christianity takes guilt seriously because it takes human beings seriously and it provides a Savior who gives us a new life. He strips away the filthy rags that enshroud our reflection of God. He brings us into conformity with Himself so that when people look at us, they can begin to see the character of God.

Due to our societal affluence, most of our needs are easily attained and our luxuries become necessities. When we say we need a savior, does this mean we think we need some assistance to make the job easier? When it comes to salvation, you need to have a sense of desperation. This weekend relight your holy passion to know your Savior.