Friday, November 30, 2018

PreacherCast Episode 15 - 11/30/18 - "The Mystery of the Incarnation"

This is episode 15 of THE PREACHER CAST, and today we'll be looking at a number of items in the news...

1) Will our authority be the Word of God? Or will it be the sensibilities of our age?

2) Christian Professor Forced to Misuse Gender Pronouns

3) Why Does Church Membership Matter?

4) This Pastor Is Melting Purity Rings Into A Golden Vagina Sculpture

5) Finding the Sheep That Refuses to Be Found (or, what to do with unrepentant church members under discipline)

6) Soft Dinosaur Tissue: A Biochemical Challenge to the Evolutionary Timescale?

I will have a book recommendation for you today: "The Virgin Birth of Christ" J. Gresham Machen

And then lastly in the PreacherCast's MAIN SEGMENT, we'll talk about "The Mystery of the Incarnation"