Friday, March 22, 2019

PreacherCast Podcast - Mar. 22, 2019 - "The Terminology of the Atonement"

This is the March 22, 2019 edition of THE PREACHER CAST, and today we'll be looking at a number of news items of great importance...

1) World remains silent as Muslim terrorists kill hundreds of Christians in Nigeria

2) Scientists call for moratorium on germline editing

3) Azusa Pacific Christian College Reverses Ban on Same-Sex Student Relationships, Again

4) Planned Parenthood CEO Says Infanticide “Doesn’t Exist” – Donald Trump Responds

5) LifeWay to Close All of Its Stores This Year

6) Francis Chan Explains Why He’ll Share a Stage With Benny Hinn

I will have a book review for you of Rachel Hollis' "Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals"

And then lastly in the PreacherCast's MAIN SEGMENT, we'll continue our discussion of the Atonement of Christ by looking at the terminology of the Atonement.