Thursday, August 1, 2019

David, the Model Man

"He was ruddy, With a fine appearance and handsome features. Then the LORD said, “Rise and anoint him; he is the one” (1 Samuel 16:12).

David is one of the most remarkable characters in the Bible. Because we are so familiar with him, we often fail to realize how remarkable he was. David’s potential was highly developed in many areas. In fact, he showed what every one of us would be like if God gave us the grace to overcome more of the effects of Adam’s sin.

First Samuel 16:12 says David was handsome and physically unblemished. But today we will study primarily his talents and accomplishments. David was a shepherd, which was a difficult task that required more skill than we twentieth century city-dwellers can imagine. Not only did David possess this skill, he showed commitment and bravery in facing both a lion and a bear in order to defend his flock.

David was also a musician. He played so skillfully that of every musician in the land, it was he who was summoned to play for King Saul. The Bible tells us that in addition to playing well, David invented many musical instruments (1 Chronicles 23:5). He was the greatest poet Israel ever produced, writing more of the book of Psalms than any other author.

As if that was not enough, David was also a military genius. He not only led sheep but men. When Saul wanted to kill him, David fled into exile with a band of fugitives. Others hated by the King came to be with him. Such men are usually difficult to deal with, but David molded them into the most effective fighting force in Israel. And lest we forget, David was the greatest fighter of all—he took down Goliath when he was just a youth.

Warriors were not often diplomats, but David became the greatest statesman Israel ever knew. He succeeded in uniting the tribes of Israel into a nation, a process rendered all the more difficult by the great cultural differences between the northern and southern tribes.

In David we see a kind of new Adam. He seemed to have much of the potential and grace of the first Adam. What makes it so tragic is that David also fell, succumbing to the gross sins of adultery and murder.

Do you feel resentful when you see other people who are physically more perfect, or who have an array of amazing abilities? All of us have multiple gifts, many we never become aware of in this life. We shall have all eternity, however, to develop them. Thank God for your abilities and seek His aid in developing them more fully.