Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Strengthened by Grace Devotional: 1/15/20

Prayer for Wednesday: Holy Father, when we come to you it is like walking out of the darkness and into the light. There are so many things, so many experiences, that damage and spoil our lives each day. There are so many things that prevent us from being the kind of people you meant us to be. So fashion us anew for this day in your healing, re-creating love. Father, renew us and restore the joy of our salvation. Father, by your Holy Spirit enable us to be made whole by focusing on you and allowing your praise to be at the center of all we say and do today. In the name of Christ, amen.

Scripture Reading for Wednesday: Genesis 42-44

Scripture Reflection for Wednesday: Today's journey "Through the Bible" visits Genesis 42-44.

In Genesis 42, we are reminded that when God uses the Word, the Spirit, and providence to convict us of sin, let us not avoid Him but seek His grace. We will find no help in punishing ourselves. Behind the Lord’s fearsome convictions is a warm heart of mercy for all who repent.

In Genesis 43, we see that whereas ch. 42 focused on the sins of the sons of Israel, ch. 43 reveals the mercy of God in His power, peace, compassion, grace, and hospitality. Though God uses conviction of sin to awaken sinners to their need for reconciliation with Him, He also wins their hearts with displays of His mercy in Christ. Let us remember this when raising our children, evangelizing our neighbors, or bringing the gospel to the lost.

In Genesis 44, we see that when God converts a sinner, she starts becoming like the Savior. She ceases to live for money and pleasure. She loves other people—beginning with her family. She shows a willingness to sacrifice herself in order to serve others.

Daily Teaching (Catechism) for Wednesday:

(9.5) Only in the state of glory is the will made perfectly and unchangeably free toward good alone (Ephesians 4:13).

May God help you to grow in Christ today,