Friday, August 28, 2020

Five Things on Friday

Here are five things which are on my mind this week...

1) I've mentioned before that I will watch nearly any Christian movie once, no matter how good or bad it is. Yep, that's me. Well, I queued up one that turned out to be pretty good this week. Now, in my defense, I chose it because Rachel was watching with me and my thought was that Sweet Inspirations, a movie about women in midlife who start a cupcake bakery, would be a "chick flick." It was, of course, and Rachel loved it but it was more than just that and ended up being a pretty good movie. Well, the closing song of the film was "Alive" by Graeme James, a New Zealand artist. This song has been my jam this week:

2) Speaking of Sweet Inspirations —here is the movie trailer (and cast) in case you're curious. I watched it on PureFlix (check out their free trial). The cast was great: Cassie Self, Dean Cain, Katherine Forbes, Verda Davenport, Natalie Canerday, Maria Canals-Barrera, and Lauren Sweetser.

3) I've really been enjoying my daily Bible reading time each morning! For some reason, it is invigorating having a dedicated desk space and 3-4 resources open when I read my morning chapters each day. This week, I wrapped up the book of Jeremiah. For those curious, I read from the NLT Life Application Study Bible. In front of it, I have my MacArthur Study Bible (in the middle, on the book stand), on the book stand to the left I have Matthew Henry's concise commentary, and then to the right I have the Family Worship Guide from RHB books. Comment below if you want links, etc.

4) Rachel helped me with my fourth item this week: several answered prayers! I don't need to go into detail with this one, but I do want to explain how we as a married couple do prayer and life together. Each morning, Rachel and I go into our respective "war rooms" (prayer areas) and "pray one another up" - committing certain items to God which we have shared with one another. Over the past 2-3 weeks we've seen God mightily answers some prayers we have offered Him. As you might imagine, this is incredibly encouraging for both of us.

5) Finally this week, I risked inviting a Christian brother to join me for prayer at a local abortion clinic. Not only did he accept the invitation, he came out in a heavy rainstorm and stayed to pray. We asked God to intervene and help the pro-life workers (me included) to help intervene with the mother and fathers coming there. It was a blessing for me. Don't be afraid to invite others to join you in ministry!