Friday, November 13, 2020

The PreacherCast (Episode: November 13, 2020)

Here is the latest episode of THE PREACHERCAST, a discussion of Christianity, the Church, and Life in Christ. This is the November 13th, 2020 edition of The PreacherCast and today we'll be looking at a number of items in the news. After the news, we turn our attention to the Q&A segment of The Preachercast, where I answer questions submitted by listeners each week. If you would like to submit a question to the PreacherCast to be answered by yours truly, email me at This week's questions are:

1) What would you say to a Christian who rejects the inerrancy of Scripture?

2) How many days was Jesus in the grave - two or three?

3) Does God give people free will?

4) Can a saved person be lost?

Following the Q&A, we will turn our attention to the theology segment of the PreacherCast. This week, we will consider the question, "What is the Church?" Finally, I will have a book recommendation for you - this week's recommended book is by Joel Beeke and Nick Thompson, titled "Pastors and Their Critics."