Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The God-Man (Hebrew 1:10-14)

"To which of the angels did God ever say, “Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet”?" (Hebrews 1:13).

Let’s review the argument in Hebrews 1. The Jews had seen Jesus as He walked the hills of Palestine, and they knew that He was a man. The Christians claimed that He was also God, the Son of God, the everlasting King, and the final revelation of God to man. The Christians claimed that Jesus’ message fulfilled and completed the revelation given by angels in the Old Testament.

The author of Hebrews wants to strengthen the faith of Jewish converts. He does this by pointing to an ambiguity in the psalms and resolving that ambiguity. Psalms 2 and 45, for example, speak of the Davidic king as the begotten son of God, as a god who represents God, and as ruling on a perpetual throne in perfect righteousness. No king however, has ruled perfectly, and a perpetual throne looks suspiciously like the throne of God Himself. Thus, these Psalms have a double reference: First a provisional reference to the Davidic kings, and then a definitive reference to the Messiah who must be god in a greater sense.

He then points out that the permanent, imperishable throne is always God’s own throne, quoting from Psalm 102 to make this point. There is nothing ambiguous in Psalm 102, but how does it relate to the man Jesus Christ who lived in Nazareth and Galilee?

He answers that question by quoting from Psalm 110:1. Behind the human throne in Israel stood the throne of God. Yet this throne was occupied by a divine Master who had God behind Him as well. Here is the imperishable divine throne. But, the human throne in Psalm 45 is going to be perpetual also. Thus, for both of these things to be true, God must become man. We have to have a God-man who brings both thrones together.

Otherwise, the Old Testament is contradictory and is not a true word from angels or anyone else. But if the Old Testament is the true word from angels, it reveals that some second person of God, the Master of Psalm 110:1, is going to become man and be elevated to be the Son of God, ruling on a perpetual divine-human throne. If the Jews deny the Christian message, they cannot have the Old Testament either. If they accept the Old Testament, they will have to become Christians.

The angels were pointing to a throne that would be both divine and human. The human son-king of Israel would be joined to the divine Son of God. The revelation given by the angels served Him and His purposes. No wonder they worshiped Him (Hebrews 1:6). In awe and reverence do the same.