Sunday, September 26, 2021

Please Consider Supporting Strengthened by Grace Ministries

Hi friends,

I very rarely ask for support for this work because it is a passion of mine, I enjoy the good support of a local church, and I don't do ministry for the money, etc. But on occasion someone reaches out wondering how they might contribute to the work financially and will press me until I give an answer. I really appreciate the offers to partner with me in this ministry work and welcome all of you to pray for this work and, if the Lord moves you to do so, contribute a little for upkeep, website hosting costs, the purchase of books, and the time it takes to maintain this ministry.

For that reason, I have created a Patreon account, with four different "tiers" so that my ministry partners can support me financially if they are moved to do so. I will continue this work and offer it as widely as possible without the financial support, but if you are moved to contribute, I would be very grateful. The entry level tier is $5 per month, so it is not too expensive. I am hoping that with donor support I might increase my online work, reach more people, and get new equipment and upgraded recording quality, etc. Any bit will help. And here's a look at what you "get" as a supporter:

  • Daily Prayer for each day of the week
  • Daily Devotional for each day of the week
  • 1 Weekly Audio Sermon
  • 1 Weekly Bible Study video
  • 1 Weekly Podcast (The PreacherCast)
  • 1 Weekly Video Sermon
  • 1 Weekly Christian Book Review Video
  • Two livestream opportunities to study with me each week
  • 1 Personal update video each week on what is happening in the ministry
As you can see, that is a lot of content! So if you'd like to give financially, I'd love to partner with you and see how we an expand the reach of Strengthened by Grace Ministries