Friday, January 7, 2022

Our God Reigns (Psalm 2)

“‘You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel’” (Psalm 2:9).

A major theme in the Psalms is David’s struggle against raging nations that sought to overthrow him. His battles serve as an encouragement to believers who continuously engage in the spiritual warfare that storms against the kingdom of God. Psalm 2 is especially applicable because it is prophetic of Christ’s reign. David’s kingship foreshadowed the rule of Jesus Christ. Just as powers and principalities warred against David, so the ungodly rebel against the authority of Christ.

David often felt like giving up. But he took comfort that he had been made king by divine appointment, not by his own ambition. Because of this, David put his confidence in God, proclaiming that those who rebelled against him actually conspired against the very King of heaven.

David’s enemies, of course, would probably not have admitted they were attacking God. Their pride and hunger for power kept them from seeing the mantle of divine authority resting on this shepherd king. They did not realize that all who resist the powers ordained by God are in rebellion against God.

Rebels against the authority of Christ also defy the very power of heaven (John 5:22). Those who spurn the Gospel challenge not the power of the church but the sovereignty of God. When we become discouraged by the continued attacks against God’s kingdom, we can take comfort that God sits enthroned in heaven laughing and scoffing at feeble attempts to overthrow His rule. “Let them exalt themselves as they may,” Calvin said, “they shall never be able to reach to heaven.”

We sometimes wish God would hurry and smash such rebellion. But He permits the reign of His Son to be troubled, waiting for the appropriate time to stretch forth His hand in judgment. In the meantime, we should act as David, calling the ungodly to repent and submit to Christ, warning them of the coming judgment.

We must also wait patiently for the last day when Christ will utterly consume His enemies in flaming fire. Until then, His people should continue to proclaim the Gospel and be consoled that even when the day is most dark, He sovereignly rules.

Skim through a daily newspaper, a news magazine, or watch a television news show. Make a list of the people or groups rebelling against God’s authority. Submit these situations to God in prayer, asking that He increase your trust in His sovereign rule and that He bring these people to repentance.