Friday, February 4, 2022

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Daily Bible Reading:
  • Leviticus 7-9. Summary of today's reading: In chapter 7: The Lord gives further ordinances about the trespass offering and peace offering. In chapter 8: Moses clothes and consecrates Aaron and his sons for the priesthood. In chapter 9: Moses completes the ordination of the priests, they offer their first sacrifices, and God shows His pleasure with holy fire.

Daily Prayer:

Holy God, Lord most gracious!
Rebuke me not in your anger, nor chasten me in your wrath!
Holy you have called me to come to you.
I feel unworthy, for I have failed you again and again.
I feel like running away, yet you keep calling me.
Have mercy on me, and all of us, O God.
Have mercy!
Holy God, Father most gracious!
Rebuke me not in your anger, nor chasten me in your wrath!
Heal me from my sin, for I am troubled.
Deliver me for the sake of your steadfast love.
My sins trouble me, O God.
I am troubled by how they have hurt others.
I am troubled by how they have hurt myself.
Your ways are right! O righteous God!
And whenever I have failed to follow them
I have found out how right they are.
Have mercy on me, O God.
Holy God, God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
have mercy on me for the sake of your Son,
who died to free us from our sins.
To you be honor and glory!
Daily Christian News (The Worldview in 5 Minutes):
Daily Blog Posts:
  • The Joy of Kindred SpiritsDid you know that despite their shortcomings, people of kindred spirit are precious gifts from the Lord?
  • Christ the Only Way (John 14). Yesterday we affirmed that all men stand guilty before God because they have transgressed His law. Once people admit to this guilt, they often question why Christ is the only way to God. They reason that if all men are condemned, it is only fair that God provide many ways of salvation. The unregenerate mind finds it impossible to grasp the exclusiveness of Christianity and so rejects it as intolerable. We especially find this attitude in America, where religious toleration under the law is held in the highest esteem. But it must be remembered that equal toleration under the law does not mean equal truth value of all religions.

Weekly Sermon:

  • Give Me the Heart of a Servant. Last week, I preached a special sermon for the installation of a new church Elder titled "Give Me the Heart of a Servant" from Mark 10:43-45.

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