Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Our Spiritual Heritage (Psalm 61)

"You have given me the heritage of those who fear Your name. You will prolong the king’s life, his years as many generations" (Psalm 61:5b–6).

When David approaches God in prayer in Psalm 61, his heart is heavy, and he longs to be rejuvenated by God’s presence. As he prays and contemplates God’s goodness and loving protection, his tone changes to one of praise. In particular, David focuses on the spiritual blessing God gives those who fear His name. Whenever God’s people ponder eternal inheritance they have received through Jesus Christ, their souls are lifted from the miry depths of this world to the transcendent glory of God.

When we think of inheritance, we often imagine vast estates, lucrative investments, fine jewelry, or some opulent luxury bequeathed by a rich relative. These treasures, however, do not last; they can be lost as easily as they are gained. Unlike these worldly inheritances, the inheritance given to God’s people can never perish, spoil, or fade. We are heirs to the very kingdom of God, and our inheritance is eternal life in His presence. In a sense, our inheritance is God Himself with whom we will have uninterrupted communion forever. Thought of this inheritance lifted David’s soul dramatically, causing him to declare praises to the King of kings.

This spiritual heritage is not given to everyone, but only to those who fear the name of the Lord. Only those who stand in awe of the Creator of the universe, who bow in reverence before the holy Lamb of God who died for the sins of His people, will taste the blessings of salvation. The world does not fear the Lord; it does not humble itself before Christ’s throne. Only those with hearts changed by the Holy Spirit know what it means to fear God. Only those who have repented of their sins and have put their faith in Jesus Christ seek to abide forever in God’s presence. This hope elevates our souls from the struggles of this life. Those who have not inherited eternal life in Christ have no such hope. Like someone dropping into a deep abyss, they scratch and claw for anything to break their tall, but nothing catches them, nothing saves them from the clutches of darkness. But the one who fears God walks freely in the light of Christ and sets his hope on eternal life where he will taste the pleasures of a spiritual inheritance that never fades.

Read Colossians 1:9–23 and reflect on how you come to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom. What did Christ do to secure that inheritance for you and what should be your response to God (v. 12)? What should your life be like (v. 23)? Thank God today for your inheritance in Christ.