Tuesday, July 26, 2022

God is Our Fortress (Psalm 91)

"For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways" (Ps. 91:11).

Though many people in the church talk much of God’s providence and profess to believe that He exercises a special guardianship over His children, few are found willing to entrust their safety to Him. When faced with a seemingly insurmountable situation, they all too often turn to prayer as a last resort. Once they’ve tried everything else, they say, “I’ve tried everything, I guess all I can do now is pray.” While we should certainly use every legitimate means at our disposal to overcome the trials we face, we should first turn to God and commit ourselves to Him.

Like the writer of Psalm 91, we should consider God as our refuge in all things, recognizing that nothing except God can save us. God controls all things. Our family, our friends, our doctors, our military can do nothing of themselves. God directs the affairs of men, and we should turn to Him first in all things.

We can be sure that God is our refuge because He has promised to be a fortress and a shelter for all His people. Too often we do not give credit to God’s promises. We do not trust His unchangeable word. But in His Word, He has given us the assurance that He will protect His children as a hen gathers her chicks beneath her wings, giving us the grace to endure every trial.

God has promised that angels stand ready to guard us. “As an additional illustration of His indulgent mercy and compassion for our weakness, He represents those whom He has ready for our defense as being a numerous host; He does not assign one solitary angel to each saint, but commissions the whole armies of heaven to keep watch over every individual believer,” Calvin wrote. According to Calvin, every believer does not have one guardian angel but a host of angels. He does maintain that God employs His angels in various manners, sometimes one, sometimes many. Our concern should not be in how many angels keep us safe, but “it is enough that, knowing from the authority of an apostle the fact of their being appointed ministers to us, we should rest satisfied of their being always intent upon their commission,” Calvin said. This assurance of God’s ministrations should strengthen our faith that God is our refuge, an ever present help in trouble.

Read 2 Kings 6:8–23 and Acts 12:1–11. How did the Lord deliver Elisha and Peter? What was their response to God’s protection? If God could deliver these men He is able to deliver you from difficulties you face. Make an effort to turn to God first in prayer instead of waiting until everything else has failed.