Friday, July 29, 2022

The Eternal King and His Eternal Throne (Psalm 93)

Anyone who has stood on the edge of the ocean’s surf, or ridden on the back of its tumultuous waves, can testify to the awe-inspiring majesty of the sea. The writer of Psalm 93 compares its powerful tide and captivating beauty to the majesty of God. Yet the mighty waves of the sea reflect only a fraction of the infinite glory of the Lord. His authority and majestic rule extend over all creation. Kings on earth acquire authority over certain regions of the earth, but God’s authority overshadows the entire universe. Nothing, no one, can compare with the infinite glory of God that shines through His righteous government of the world and His eternal power over His kingdom. In Psalm 93, we're thinking again about the Millenial Kingdom and King Jesus.

Psalm 93:1-2 The songs that will be sung when Jesus is crowned LORD are all ready—and this is one of them. It anticipates the glorious day when Israel’s Messiah proclaims Himself King. He will be clothed with majesty, in contrast to the lowly grace which characterized Him at His First Advent. He will openly clothe Himself with the strength that is needed to reign over the world. And world conditions will then be established on a firm, stable basis, no longer subject to vast moral and political convulsions.

Of course, the throne of Jehovah has always existed, but it has not been as clearly manifest as it will be when the Millennium dawns. The King Himself too is eternal, and as His authority had no beginning, so it will have no end.

Psalm 93:3-4 When the psalmist speaks of floods and mighty waves, it seems clear that he is thinking of the Gentile nations which have oppressed His people through the ages and which will conspire against Him when He comes to reign. But their efforts will be futile and short-lived. Though they will lift up their voices in terrifying threats and awesome boasts, they will learn that the enthroned Jehovah is mightier than all their federations, than all the armed might they can assemble.

Psalm 93:5 And so it will be seen that God’s Word is true after all, and all the promises He made concerning the defeat of His foes and the establishment of His righteous reign will be fulfilled. The temple in Jerusalem will be cleansed from evil, an appropriate purity for the One whose house it is.

All will be holy when He reigns; and everything will be characterized by holiness, as predicted in Isaiah 23:18; Zechariah 14:20, 21; Revelation 4:8.62