Monday, November 28, 2022

Faithful Service (Psalm 134)

"Behold, bless the LORD, all you servants of the LORD, who by night stand in the house of the LORD!"(Ps. 134:1).

In the Old Testament the priests were responsible for maintaining the temple at all hours. While the nation slept, the Levites cared for the temple and led services for those few who would come to worship at night. These select priests were expected to keep the lamps burning and to execute their many duties faithfully.

Calvin maintains that Psalm 134 was written primarily for the benefit of those Levites who served in the temple during these quiet hours. The psalmist wrote to remind them of who they served and how they should carry out even the smallest of duties. Some of these priests probably grew despondent in their nightly duties, or became slack in their service while the rest of the nation slumbered. They might have become easily discouraged in their tasks when they considered how few witnessed their work.

You can also become easily discouraged when so many are negligent in their service to the Lord while you continue to serve Him around the clock. The Levites who cared for the temple at night might have become discouraged when they saw so few come to the nightly service, or when they considered the sacrifice they had to make in the service of the Lord while so many others were tucked away at home.

As if anticipating these temptations facing the Levites, the psalmist calls them to lift their hands and praise the Lord. To lift up their hands meant also to lift up their hearts in sincere devotion before the Lord. God’s servants are called to serve Him faithfully and sincerely no matter what station He has assigned them. No matter how many others in the church seem to be asleep as you struggle in your ministry, God has called you to remain faithful and devout in your service to Him. He calls all His servants to remain steadfast in their duties and keep the lamps burning even in the darkest hours of the night. Those who make their living in ministry especially can become easily discouraged. To maintain fervency and devotion in your service, you must keep your eyes fixed on the mighty God you serve and lift your hearts to heaven. In doing this, in remaining faithful even when others sleep or stay away from church, you will set a good example that all God’s people can learn from and follow.

Do you ever become discouraged while doing ministry? How do you respond when ministry is difficult? Gain encouragement by looking to God. Serve Him in faithfulness even when others do not notice or care, remembering that you serve Him coram Deo, in His presence, even when alone in your service.