Friday, February 3, 2023

The Eternal Christ (Proverbs 8:22-36)

I have been established from everlasting, from the beginning, before there was ever an earth” (Prov. 8:23).

In Proverbs 8:22–36 we are given a glimpse into the incomprehensible glory of our Lord and Savior. In the personification of Wisdom, Christ speaks of His eternal existence, His relationship with the Father, and His power of creation. The language used here, as in the first chapter of Colossians, has caused much debate. When verse 24 says “When there were no depths I was brought forth …,” the Hebrew word for brought forth accurately captures the meaning of “begotten, not made.” While we do not underestimate the difficulty in understanding what begotten means, it does not mean Christ was created or born into existence as the Arians and other heretical groups have claimed.

Here we find Christ, not as a creature but as the efficient cause of creation. From all eternity, the Father and Son enjoyed a perfect relationship of love and delight. When God created the world, that love entered time resting on men made in God’s image.

“It is a wonder that He who was the Father’s infinite delight, and infinitely delighting in Him, should find His delight from all eternity in the sons of men,” Bridges wrote. “But though He foresaw how they would despise, reject, and put Him to shame; yet they were the objects of His everlasting love, the purchase and satisfaction of the ‘travail of His soul,’ the eternal monuments to His praise. Yet for their sakes did He make humanity a temple of the Deity, for them did He exchange the throne of glory for the accursed cross—the worship of the Seraphim for the scorn and buffeting of men—inexpressible joy for sorrow. Yes—Thou adorable Redeemer, nothing but the strength of Your own love could have brought You out from the bosom of ineffable delight to suffer such things for such sinners! But this was ‘the joy set before You, for’ which—unfathomable love!—You were content ‘to endure the cross, despising the shame.’ For this love do You inherit Thy Father’s justly proportioned reward. On this foundation is Your people’s confidence—rest—security.”

Only in Christ is there life, wisdom, and everlasting joy. Watch for Him daily, wait by His doorway and find life and favor in Him for all time (vv. 34–35).

Read John 1 and Colossians 1. How do these passages relate to Proverbs 8? How would you respond to someone who denies the divinity of Christ? Ask a friend or a spouse to help you become more grounded in this truth by listening to you describe what the Bible says about Christ’s divinity. Memorize helpful verses.