Sunday, June 25, 2023

Go to the Word (Proverbs 2:1-11; 30:5)

"Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him' (Prov. 30:5).

While it is certainly important to learn from others, it is of utmost importance to learn from God Himself. Only God is true and pure. Men and women are fallible and prone to error and change. Even when they have the best intentions, they can lead you astray. This does not mean we become cynics, but it does mean we listen to others with a discerning ear—and the only way to fine tune that discerning ear is by the Word of God. There cynicism and skepticism have no place. Rather, we approach in humility. The Bible is the final authority in your life. “Here all is light and purity,” Bridges wrote. “Every Word of God is pure. Of what other book in the world can this be said? Where else is the gold found without alloy? The Word is tried. It has stood the trial, and no dross has been found in it. Having God for its Author, it has truth without any mixture of error for its matter.”

Every word of the Lord is true and trustworthy; therefore do not slight it. Put yourself under its instruction and expose yourself to this fine gold. Remain teachable. Read and study it every day. If you nourish your body daily, do no less for your soul. Feed on every page. Do not prefer one part to another. Read the codes of law, the historical accounts, the prophets, the poetry, the letters. All Scripture is profitable (2 Tim. 3:16). “So wisely has God linked together the several parts of His system, that we can receive no portion soundly, except in connections with the whole,” Bridges said. “Receive every Divine Truth upon this formal ground—that it is the Word of God. Though it is not all of equal importance, it will be regarded with equal reverence. We acknowledge implicitly God as the Author of every particle of Scripture, and that every word of God is pure.… If the Word of God be pure, it must be a sure ground of trust. We may take its dictum with undoubting confidence.… But the word of God is not only pure, and cannot deceive. It is also sufficient; and therefore, like tried gold, it needs no addition for its perfection.” We do not need to add to it or take from it. God has provided us with everything we need to know. Let the Word then captivate your understanding and nourish your soul, making you strong in the Lord.

When we began our study of Proverbs this year, I opened with an exhortation for you to study the Word of God every day. Have you established a daily routine of studying the Bible? If not, regroup and set a time beginning with today. Treat this time as you would any appointment. Keep it!