Friday, September 8, 2017

New Book: "The Survivor's Guide to Seminary"

My new book, "The Survivor's Guide to Seminary," is now out on Amazon. It is available on Kindle or in paperback. If you know of anyone heading into ministry, going to seminary, wanting to serve the church, etc. I believe this book will be a great benefit. It is both comprehensive enough to be helpful and yet concise enough at 145 pages to be read quickly. It is also deeply practical. Here's a bit from the book description:

Heading to seminary? Great! But don't go unprepared. "The Survivor's Guide to Seminary" should be the first book you read to get oriented to the challenges ahead. Long enough to be helpful and short enough to be read quickly, "The Survivor's Guide to Seminary" covers the following topics: 

1. Preparing Your Mind for Seminary 
2. This Isn’t Sunday School 
3. The Cognitive and Contemplative Pathways 
4. Having the “Talk” – What Are You Going to Do With This Degree? 
5. Your Professional Image and Its Cultivation 
6. The Six Über Skills of Seminary 
7. Thoughts On Thinking 
8. Thoughts On Building a Theological Library 
9. Thoughts On Life Together: Your Seminary Cohort as Community 
10. Stress and Its Maintenance 
11. Spouses: A Few Thoughts on Marriage and Seminary 
12. May God Bless You in Seminary (and you bless God) 

Get the book, read it, and thrive in seminary!