Sunday, January 1, 2023

A Look Ahead at the Devotional Studies in 2023

If you studied the Psalms with me in 2022, you need only turn the page in your Bible to begin this year’s studies. Lord willing, we will work through Proverbs and Ecclesiastes over the next nine months. We will backtrack to the book of Job for the final three months of the year. Last year’s studies were based on and drawn from Calvin’s commentaries on the Psalms. In similar fashion, our studies in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes will be based on the work of Charles Bridges (1794–1869), an English Puritan pastor and scholar.

This first month we will survey the initial seven chapters of Proverbs, laying a foundation for the rest of the book. The opening portion of Proverbs stress fundamental elements of thinking and living. As we will see, knowledge without action is useless. Action without knowledge is dangerous. Knowledge worked out in godly action is wisdom. The Old Testament books of Wisdom are so called because they are eminently practical—theology applied to real life. As we study wisdom literature this year, may your understanding of theology be brought to bear in godly living—for this is what it means to live before God and unto His glory.

Looking forward to the journey with you!